Marriage Regulations & Procedures


Marriage in the Church is a sacrament. It must be stated clearly that marriage in the church is not a commercial arrangement based on payment of fees. There are some certain circumstances of relationships which will prohibit the clergy from performing a marriage service. These occasions are rare, but our policy is that there will be no commitment to marry a couple until the clergy has met with both partners together.

The church is not allowed to perform a marriage ceremony in Qatar in which one of the partners is Muslim.

A.  Requirements

At least one partner must be a baptized Christian.

Both partners are required to provide original legal documentation of eligibility to marry. An affidavit from the appropriate embassy, or a decree absolute, or equivalent documentation indicating that each partner is currently NOT married is necessary. This documentation must have been issued within three months of the first preparation interview with the priest.

Both partners are required to provide copies of their passport details or residence permits. In certain circumstances birth certificates may be required.

At least one partner should be a resident of Qatar.

Both partners must present certification that they have fulfilled the Qatari government requirement for pre-marriage blood tests. This is a procedure specific to preparation for marriage; no other blood test qualifies. Currently, the Ahli Hospital, Doha Clinic and Al Emadi Hospital are authorised by the government to perform this procedure.

B.  Preparation

There will be a minimum of three preparation sessions with one of our priests before the proposed date of the wedding ceremony.

The couple should plan for a minimum of three weeks for this part of the preparation process as they plan for the wedding ceremony.

Payment of fees (whether for a wedding, marriage blessing or preparation for a wedding outside of Qatar) are payable at (or before) the second preparation session.

C.  The Ceremony

Weddings will take place at times mutually convenient to the couple and the church.

The ceremony will be held in the Anglican Centre chapel or church. No weddings will take place outdoors.

The couple should provide two adult witnesses.

One video operator and one photographer may be present at the ceremony.

The church reserves the right to charge extra if the ceremony is delayed by the wedding party.

D.  After the Wedding Ceremony

Once the marriage certificate has been signed, the church will register the marriage at the Ministry of Justice and then have the registration attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office.

An additional fee of QR200 is payable for this service.

It is ESSENTIAL that the couple secure attestation from their respective embassies as well.

E.  Marriage Blessings

A Ceremony of Blessing for couples who have previously entered into a Civil Marriage can be arranged.  The procedures are similar to the above, although sections A and D described above are not applicable.

F.  Fees

These fees are set by the Church Council and are paid as a contribution to Church Funds.

Weddings at the Church of the Epiphany: QR 3,500.

An additional fee of QR 200 is payable for registration of the marriage with the Qatar authorities.

Preparation Sessions for weddings that are planned to take place outside of Qatar: QR 1.500.

Marriage Blessing Services: QR 1.500.

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